Why Us

Delivering high quality in today’s complex environments is not a child’s play. Building, delivering and maintaining highly integrated applications is fraught with difficulties.

Overhauling the way you look at software quality during the whole lifecycle - from the very beginning of the software project to the retirement or replacement when the piece of software has become obsolete – is the key to the value delivered to the users.

That’s what q-leap’s all about – analysing whole software projects or particular aspects of them, examining where quality issues heavily impact the cost caused by or the value earned from a given software, and most importantly proposing adequate measures.


Our commitment is to provide outstanding technical expertise in quality management, quality assurance and testing. We build and use extensive internal knowledge, based on existing standards (IEEE, BS, ISO..) and share it with our customers accordingly to their particular context.


Our team’s business field and technical knowledge is the result of lifelong learning, proven experience and an HR-policy attracting the best talents in the most relevant software related industries. q-leap’s philosophy is based on continuous self-improvement. All employees must be ISTQB certified.

Value Proposition

q-leap’s value proposition is built around the ability to gather, organize and disseminate knowledge in the software QA and testing field. Finding the best ways to transfer the acquired knowledge to our customers is one of our top concerns.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Financial and human resources being scarce or at least limited, our goal is not to maximize software quality, but to provide the optimal quality level according our customer’s specific contexts and needs. This is our ROI-optimization philosophy.

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“q-leap's outstanding expertise in requirements and process engineering, combined with a deep technical understanding of software testing and QA aspects, have lead to spectacular quality enhancements and cost reductions in one of our key IT-projects.”
Patrick Hansen CEO Luxaviation


“While migrating from a traditional IT infrastructure to a virtualized cloud solution, the assistance of q-leap has been highly valuable for our company. Establishing an inventory of the existing IT service quality landscape, defining future service quality criteria and setting up the appropriate monitoring systems by their experts has substantially reduced the project risk and eased the transition process.”
Marcel Origer CFO LuxConnect