We offer skilled people and tools to establish quality assurance processes within your organization, which will allow you to:

+ Reduce the costs by applying end-to-end best practices

+ Minimize the risks associated to system and organizational changes

+ Ensure that projects are in line with the business scope

+ Optimize system performance and stability

+ Increase your process flexibility

+ Address project pain points in the governance

Process Improvement

q-leap’s Process Improvement Service is aimed to optimize the quality assurance process. Our experts inspect your organization's existing procedures and identify efficiency and weaknesses, regarding your business objectives. 

We advise on how to improve processes and elaborate recommendations, from process restructuring to implementation. 

q-leap services support you in the implementation of a set of metrics to track and analyse your specific project settings. IT Project managers can introduce any additional metrics, they reckon useful and reliable to enhance the efficiency of project management. We also offer to rebuild processes from scratch.

Team Set up

We support our customers to conduct their own in-house testing activities. q-leap’s experts work in-house and/or on-site to support you when setting up a completely independent Testing Team. 

We start our service from scratch, based on the results of an audit. Alternatively the Testing Team set up services can be related to other activities such as advisory, consultancy and coaching. 

We size your team, check the qualifications and assign team members. We define and adapt a team structure by allocating roles that match perfectly your specific needs. Through our recommendation on tools, methodologies, technologies and trainings, we support you during the set up of your testing team and manage the entire process with a proven consultancy expertise.

Business Process Review

We support you in the improvement of your profitability and competitiveness by lowering  your administrative and operational costs. We track efficiencies as well as customer satisfaction.

Our focus is to leverage the impact of a new solution to optimize your current business processes. In addition to establishing process roadmaps, which incorporate skilled people and technologies as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we can also deliver detailed reports and elaborate appropriate dashboards.

Requirements Engineering

We supports clients to elaborate detailed requirements for software product development from a quality perspective. 

At the requirement definition step, we help you to determine the key business, technical and functional requirements for a software application, to ensure that it meets your business needs. 

If the requirements gathered are not well tuned, the final products may not fit client’s needs and won’t be able to address their key issues, irreparably involving large business damages.

Project Coaching

We support and assist you in the development of optimized frameworks, which are able to deal with your organisational changes. Using industry best practices and standards we simultaneously help you to implement changes to your day-to-day delivery processes.

Metrics and Reporting

We offer also our support to implement a set of metrics to track and analyse, along with your specific project settings. IT Project managers can introduce any additional metrics that they reckon useful and reliable for an efficient project management.

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“q-leap's outstanding expertise in requirements and process engineering, combined with a deep technical understanding of software testing and QA aspects, have lead to spectacular quality enhancements and cost reductions in one of our key IT-projects.”
Patrick Hansen CEO Luxaviation


“While migrating from a traditional IT infrastructure to a virtualized cloud solution, the assistance of q-leap has been highly valuable for our company. Establishing an inventory of the existing IT service quality landscape, defining future service quality criteria and setting up the appropriate monitoring systems by their experts has substantially reduced the project risk and eased the transition process.”
Marcel Origer CFO LuxConnect