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The complexity of software nowadays tends to explode exponentially and if not kept in check will overwhelm managers, developers, users and tester. While software and program behaviour stay resolutely rooted in the classical domain (although behaviour is often probabilistic) the "quantum leap" of quantum mechanics (which technically is just a mathematical operation to apply classical probability given a complex-valued state vector) is popularly used to illustrate a discontinuous change of state.

we think 1We hope to offer such a change of state for the better in software quality. Focus on quality throughout the software development lifecycle is one of the prerequisites of a successful delivery. We think outsourcing quality assurance to get the outside view in order to get the complete, trustworthy picture.

q-leap is strongly committed to knowledge sharing such as practised by the open source movement. Not later since the raise of the internet, stand alone software development in order to create monopoles is dinosaur behaviour. The risks of reinventing the wheel or missing the point are way to big to take such a risk. q-leap aims to be transparent and shares its experience, be it the software we use, case studies or examples of best practices, like demonstrated in our blog

Moving forward as a team

With q-leap, a quarter of our human resources are invested in personal development, including lifelong learning, internal exchanges and communication. We believe the strength of a team lies within the complementary skills of its members and their ability to exchange. This is an important aspect of our recruitment policy.

Our network

We focus on our core competencies, we do not have the ambition to cover every aspect of quality assurance by ourselves. Instead we have set up a network of independent specialists complementing our own know-how as needed by a project’s scope. This allows us to remain agile and lean, limiting overhead and offer our clients best value for their money. 

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