Luxembourg Software Testing Event 2017


Luxembourg Software Testing Event 2017

q-leap is happy to invite you to its 3rd edition of the Luxembourg Software Testing Event. 

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5th October 2017 from 16:30
Forum Da Vinci Luxembourg 
6, bd Grande-Duchesse Charlotte L-1330 Luxembourg

The aim of this event is to bring all passionate testers and those interested in exchanging, learning and networking on the main trends of software testing together. Trends that are at the heart of the changes in IT and which translate into a sharp evolution of software testing practices.

Join us with the whole community of testers and IT practitioners who care about software quality in Luxembourg and with them:

  • Benefit from real feedback to inspire you within your company.
  • Discover new high-value tools for managing your tests
  • Become aware of your belonging to a family of the recognized and increasingly inescapable tests

If you love the craft of software testing and are passionate about evolving your profession and being part of that community then you really should be there with us for this unique event in Luxembourg 5th October 2017. Participants include Professionals, Testers, Developers, Architects, Projects Managers, Scientists, ISTQB Certified Testers, Luxembourg Testing Board, and all people involved and interested in software testing. 

It's a free event, and entries are already open.

The whole team q-leap hopes to meet you very soon for this event! 


*No registration fee is charged for this event. 
*Our Company reserves the right to refuse or to accept any entry



Thursday 5th October 2017 


Welcome Drink


OPENING by Sylvain Perez


Live Demo : Mobile automated testing on iOS and Android by q-leap SA 


Test Early...Test often...Test continuously by IBM


Requirements-Driven Automated Security Testing by SNT


New Security Testing Challenges : Bug Bounty & IOT by Digital Security




Networking Drink


Keynote Presentations

Mobile Testing | Live Demo : Mobile automated testing on iOS and Android by J. Asensio & J. Desmulier 

As the mobile applications and mobile users are growing rapidly, it is indeed for testing experts to come up with effective verification techniques to ensure reliability of these mobile apps. They'll will demonstrate a customized mobile test automation framework using Appium and Cucumber we have created to cope with the diversity of a mobile app environment.


Jorge Asencio

Jorge Asension

Test Automation Expert 
q-leap SA

Julien desmulier 250X173

Julien Desmulier

Testing & QA Services Manager 
q-leap SA


Virtualization Testing | Test Early...Test often...Test continuously 

Software testing can be a bottleneck or a competitive advantage, depending on an organization approach. Many DevOps teams are adopting the right capabilities and best practices to achieve continuous testing as a part of their DevOps transformation. And they’re seeing solid improvements in their speed and quality. 

Continuous testing relies on test automation integrated as part of a deployment process where software is validated in realistic test environments. 
Adding service virtualization to the mix allows teams to shift left. Service virtualization simulates the behavior of selected components within an application to enable end-to-end testing of the application as a whole. Combining test automation with service virtualization enables teams to test applications end to end providing immediate feedback on quality —so issues can be resolved earlier and at a lower cost. 

In this session, we will share our views on the value add that Services Virtualization brings to testing projects. 

Mani IBM

Manivannan Sabarajan

Technical Sales & Cloud Solutions, IBM Hybrid Cloud Unit

Marc Gosselin

Marc Gosselin

IBM Software Cloud Portfolio Representative

Loyde 500X500 copy

Loyde Mitchell

Senior Test Architect 
q-leap SA 


Security Testing | New Security Testing Challenges : Bug Bounty & IOT by C. Messeguer & P. Stiehl

The presentation will address 2 topics: Bug Bounty & IOT.

First, they'll explain how we are able to detect security vulnerabilities induced by the IoT and its new uses : presentation of the Digital Security Lab, methodology, material & report after security audit of 100 IoT solutions by Digital Security. Finally, they'll also present what is a bug bounty : challenges , advantages , european rules and constaints , presentation of 

cedric Messeguer Digital Security

Cedric Messeguer
Managing Director
Digital Security, Econocom

Automated & Security Testing | Requirements-Driven Automated Security Testing by F. Pastore & L. Briand

Companies assess the security of their software systems by relying on security experts. The effectiveness of testing activities mostly depends on the capability and experience of the security experts, who are in charge of identifying the security requirements to test and then choose the methods and technologies to adopt in order to perform such testing. Therefore, companies have limited means to perform and evaluate thorough and systematic security testing activities. Such a situation necessarily leads to a great deal of uncertainty regarding security guarantees. Were all the security requirements identified? Were all the usage scenarios considered during testing? Did the testing process cover all relevant attack patterns?

To support companies in gaining a better control over security testing activities, and help security experts derive effective testing campaigns, we have developed a methodology and a toolchain for the identification and testing of security requirements that support the automated generation of security test cases. Our methodology includes the definition of misuse cases and security use cases, while our toolchain relies on metaheuristic search and machine learning to build attack vectors that spot application specific problems.

This talk will present and illustrate our approach with examples based on our experience with industrial partners, e.g., the identification of application-specific code injection attacks that go through protection mechanisms.



Fabrizio Pastore SNT

Fabrizio Pastore
Research Scientistat SnT, Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust
SnT Centre, University of Luxembourg


Lionel Briand SNT

Lionel Briand

Professor, ERC Advanced grant recipient, FNR PEARL Chair,
SnT Centre, University of Luxembourg



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Practical information 

Forum Da Vinci 
6, bd Grande-Duchesse Charlotte
L-1330 Luxembourg 

Along Grand Boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte and in the surrounding streets and Parking Monterey

Lignes 3, 5, 6, 13, 15,19, 30, 31 - STOP « Wampach »

Monterey (in front of nº 49)
Convict (Place du Foyer) 

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